Working With Amazing Talents

            The Cast of "Troubled Little Angel" A Tribute To The Life & Legacy Of Phyllis Hyman

I've had the distinct pleasure of working with some of the most amazing undiscovered talent out there! My genuine joy has been finding people who have always wanted to perform, but never really got the chance or made the time to explore their gifts. I love the look on the face of a performer who realizes they can do this...they really can make this happen for themselves. So often we give up on our dreams because they seem too far fetched or require much hard work, but I'm here to tell you, anything worth having is worth fighting if you really want it, PUT IN THE WORK!!!

The success of "Troubled Little Angel" was highly due to the
professional cast and its lead, Alacie Smith (who portrayed an awesome Phyllis Hyman) Alacie sang her heart out as she embraced the painful journey as one of R & B music's great
legends. She captured her essence and soulful sound, and audiences were blown away by how similar she looks to the
R & B legend!

It was an amazing night for the one night only performance of this developmental production. The cast was given a standing ovation and Alacie received flowers that night for a job well done. The music and memory of the great Phyllis Hyman will never be forgotten.

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