Sunday, February 16, 2020


If you haven't already read the book, do yourself a favor and order it now!
Best selling author Joyce Licorish tells a story like nobody else can in this tale of time travel and love. The only thing better than the book will be the movie! (Hint, hint)



This year has afforded me the opportunity to work with best selling author and actress Joyce Licorish.
Joyce is an incredible talent in front as well as behind the scenes. Known for "The Forgotten Time Piece" a best seller on Amazon and The New York Times, Joyce is now setting her sights on film making and directing. It has truly been an honor to collaborate with such an awesome talent!

The 50/50 Club

The 50/50 Club is a web series about getting older and wiser.
It's my latest project in association with Genesis East and West Inc.
It is slated to debut this spring on Youtube.
Working with Lawrence Floyd & Michael Palmer is an amazing experience.
The scripts are heart-felt and the actors are amazing!

The Next Chapter: Let Your Light Shine

 No one will care about your dreams more than you do, so don't apologize for pursuing them. Let your light shine, don't dim it for a...